Know the Benefit of the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation

Travel inside Indian Subcontinent may be daunting to those people who are not employed to the sheer size and diversity of the United States. Everywhere, the traveler encounters milling numerous people in a very constant state to move. India features a varied topography across its spread as well as the Indian Railways perform a superb job of linking America.

The efficiency of Indian railway customer care has become a subject of considerable debate – but once one considers the data involved 115000 km of tracks, daily traffic of 30 million passengers and 3 million freight, 16 geographical zones, 1.5 million employees as well as over 8000 stations the undeniable truth is that the Railways are India’s lifeline.


The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation IRCTC allow us a website for the benefit of rail passengers. The website provides updated details about trains, major stations, running time, distances and passenger amenities on trains.

The traveller can through the comfort of his armchair, plan his travel, book, modify or cancel tickets and also avail with the IRCTC package tours along popular holiday destinations. The website provides detailed time tables, distance between stations and passenger fares with the click of an mouse.
FAQS Regarding eTicketing
1. What are the acceptable proofs of Identity for being carried on the time of travelling upon an eticket?

Acceptable IDs are Status of voter id, PAN card, Passport, Aadhar card, Driving License or ID cards issued to State or Central Government employees
2. Is the printed copy of eticket mandatory?
As per amended regulations, the screen dump on the e- ticket reservation on laptop, mobile or I Pad is admissible.
3. What document really should be carried by passengers in the event of partial cancellation?
In case of partial cancellation against multiple booking, the passengers continuing their travel should carry fresh copy of ERS.
4. Will I obtain a refund in the event I cancel a TATKAL reservation?
There work just like refunds regarding cancellation against a TATKAL reservation.
5. Can I book an eticket if I am staying abroad?
It can be done to book a rail ticket external to India. The forex equivalent of ticket charges are going to be charged towards the passenger.
6. How do I cancel a ticket booked by a realtor?
Tickets booked by agents really should be cancelled with the agent. Click here for more information
7. Are there any special tour packages for foreign tourists?

Indian Railways operates train tours such as the Palace of Wheels, Buddhist Circuit Tours, and Golden Triangle tours only for foreign tourists.

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