Know the detail about How to Play Badminton and get the rules n point of badminton

Badminton is one of the most popular and enjoyable sports on earth. It originated in India and was named badminton due to Duke who played mafia wars in a hall named Badminton Hall. Badminton is among the sports that are certainly included in the Olympic games.You need a racket along with a shuttle cock for you to play the overall game. Your racket resembles that of tennis racket however it is just smaller and lighter to hold and this can be used to hit the shuttle cock that is a round shaped rubber object that includes a feather or synthetic skirt on it. You need to play badminton in the court having a net.



You must first determine what scoring method you are going to apply amongst gamers what ┬árules of badminton you follow. Then you obtain a coin and toss it up to know who will serve first. If you are the server you have to position yourself inside the right side in the court and definately will hit the shuttle cock to the left side of the opponent’s court. You must position the shuttle through your hip throughout the serve.

You just hit the shuttle for the opposite side so you do it repeatedly until it drops to the floor. You will gain one point if the shuttle cock dropped on your own opponent’s court side. You will win the action if you get 21 points. Court switching is usually recommended and you’ll have to win two games to become declared the winner.


You will earn some point each time your opponent dropped the shuttle cock when you hit it. Whoever gets 21 points first will win that specific set. You need to win 2 out in the 3 games so that you are going to be declared since the winner.


In order for you to win the game you must do some techniques. You can hit the shuttlecock on the corner of the court for your attacker to have difficulty recovering it. When your assailant hits the shuttle cock, hit the shuttle cock back on his other direction and make it forceful and fast. Another thing is you should not make predictable moves.

Badminton is really a fun activity which enable it to also help keep you fit and healthy. You will require enough time being an expert with this sport. You will have to practice rigidly to understand the sport. Always be patient and stay determined. You must not forget to enjoy the sport and keep positive thoughts in mind. for more information about this game visit the official site of the sport game you get all the detail about it.

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